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Although you can do an internet search for builders etc., you have no idea of the quality of the builders you see listed.

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We starting this website by listing builders I have used myself and showing the local areas they cover.  We will also list other builders, plumbers and electricians to give as much useful information as possible to our visitors including this like builders merchants.

Please feel free to email with your own experience of builders and we will happily add to our builders database.

Note:  We can only voice our opinion of the builders listed on this site.  If it says ‘this builder is recommended’ this is our personal opinion of the building work they did for us.  We offer no guarantees that your building experience will be the same.

We also recommend you locate a good builders merchant such as Wicks DIY stores.  Wicks have online DIY stores nowadays and ordering online is very easy from Wicks.  Choosing a Wick kitchen or Wicks conservatory is a great way of saving money and the chances are that tour builder will have a Wicks account and can get you a disount.

Choosing the Right Builder

It is so very important to choose the right builder for you.

The biggest question is ‘price over quality’ – there is no point  having work done on the cheap if it means a shoddy result with sub-standard materials? On the other hand, you can often pay a ridiculous sum because it’s a busy time and builders can ‘name their price’ knowing that all other local builders are also busy and will do the same.

What you want is a builder who will do a quality job at a sensible price. Sometimes it will pay to wait for the quiet times if you can.  You will spot these by the number of adverts for builders that appear in your local paper.

Building Trade and Industry Resources

Civil Engineering Civil engineering focuses on things like Water works,  Sewers,  Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Traffic Control, Mass Transit, Airport  Runways, Industrial Plant Buildings.  Please visit this interesting site  for more info.

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