Cleaner / dog walker wanted in return for a permanent home with bills, food, drink and car included (Granadilla Tenerife).  A mature person with a sense of fun and adventure would probably suit best.

What you get:

  • Large bedroom with sofa, coffee table etc.
  • All bills included
  • Food and drink including beer
  • Use of a car
  • Free wifi
  • A pleasant place to live 15 minutes drive from El Medano, a bit longer to Los Cristianos

What’s expected of you:

  • You need to be a laid back sort of person, able to get on with others
  • Feed, walk and clean up after 2 dogs
  • You will need to be organised and keep the house clean and tidy, exactly as you would if it were your own home, as indeed it will be
  • You must be able to plan and organise your time without needing regular instructions (once settled in).
  • You will be responsible for your own bedroom, the main bathroom, my en-suite bedroom, the main living areas and keeping the patios clean and tidy
  • About once a week you will be expected to drive for an evening out as designated driver.  This means a couple of drinks max, which you will not have to pay for.  We usually go out about twice a week but the second time it will be a local bar.  Your choice whether to join the group or you may prefer more privacy and time to yourself.
  • Once a week you will do a shopping trip to LIDL or Mercadona.  You will be expected to organise the shopping list and put away the shopping after the trip
  • I usually cook most evenings and we try and eat together about 7.30pm.  You don’t need to cook for anyone unless you enjoy it.  The rest of the time you will make your own breakfast and lunch with the food provided
  • You will buy your own personal toiletries but most other items are provided, toilet rolls, washing powder etc.

The House:

  • It is a 5 bedroom house, all ground floor, in the center of Granadilla, close to all the local amenities.
  • The town hall, local police, sports center etc. are all barely seconds away.
  • Granadilla is mainly Spanish speaking so an interest in learning Spanish might be helpful  (if you don’t already speak some)
  • The house has a lounge and an open plan conservatory area.  There is also a garden with a covered seating area outside and a raised patio over the garage at the bottom of the garden.
  • Wifi is available throughout the house.  There are 2 TVs with English or Spanish TV.
  • The house has a strict no smoking policy, as does the car, but you are free to smoke in the garden.
  • Above the house is a flat where my brother lives.  He sometimes joins us for trips out or evening meals but you are not expected to clean for him.
  • I am a retired female living permanently in Tenerife.  Also living in the house are Larry (English), a semi-retired builder/carpenter, Sami (Finnish), aged 39, jack-of-all trades, and at the moment Johnny (English), a magician and web designer.  There is currently a free bedroom which will be rented out shortly to some-one that ‘fits’ with the household and our lifestyle.
  • The house is currently being renovated, most of the main work has been done but for a couple of years there will probably be a steady stream of cosmetic improvements like decorating.


Granadilla town is what we English would probably call the ‘county town’ of a larger area of the same name. Granadilla de Abona includes San Isidro, Los Abrigos, Charco del Pino, Montaña de Yaco, El Salto, and Los Llanos.

It is considered ‘up in the hills’ in that is it higher than the coast and therefore had a totally different climate.  In summer it is hotter than the coast but in winter it is colder and wetter.  It is also greener, properties tend to be larger and there are many with gardens which is rarely the case on the coast.  So we compromise with the weather in return for a better quality of life.

English is not widely spoken here although people may attempt a little bit if they think you are making the effort as well.  There is very little in the way of an ‘Ex-Pat’ community so you either make the effort to mix locally or make a trip to the coast.  If you are easily bored then this area may not be for you.

What else you need to know:

Past experience has taught me that many people will think this will suits them for a variety of reasons, most of which are wrong.  If you think any of these things then please think again:

  • It won’t be that different to living on the coast
  • The weather can’t be all that different
  • I am out of money – this is a godsend
  • It will do till I find something better
  • I don’t need to drive – the bus will be fine
  • I can do the cleaning quickly so the work won’t be too bad
  • I don’t like dogs but I will manage
  • I am moving to Tenerife soon.  This will be cheaper than the alternatives till I find work
  • I equate my time to XX€ an hour so I need only work xx hours then some-one else will clean the rest

Yes I have seen all of that and more.  My view is that the room normally rents at €50+ per week.  Food and drink and car costs come to well over another €50 so we are looking at a value of about €450 to €500 a month.  Some of what you are going to be doing you would do in your own home in your own time anyway.  I would hope that walking the dogs isn’t that much of a chore for a dogs lover, which you certainly need to be to fit in here.  So please try and think of this as something where it’s a fair exchange for both parties, not something that might be a temporary solution to your current problems.

I am looking for the right person who would actually see this as being the right thing for them, probably a mature female who wants some security in her life and no worries about finance.  If this isn’t you, then please don’t apply.





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What makes a perfect cleaner? It’s is essential to be an organized, honest, punctual and experienced in maintaining a home in perfect order and spotless cleanliness, attention to detail is required in every aspect.